Frequently Asked Questions

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What is myfinancialpal?

Myfinancialpal is a personal financial services company. We change the way people approach their financial life and help them tackle their challenges by providing accessible and affordable financial guidance. You can schedule a time to meet with or message a friendly financial expert anytime, anywhere

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What's included when I sign up?

After signing up you will be matched with your dedicated expert financial pal. Based on the plan you chose, you will either meet with your financial pal via video conference, phone or email. Both plans include a detailed review of your financial position, work together to define goals and create a personalized financial plan, account recommendations, a financial spreadsheet to organize and measure your finances, action items, next steps, tips and much more.

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Why was myfinancialpal started?

Myfinancialpal was started by Zane Schumacher because he believes everyone deserves to live their best financial life.

Throughout Zane's time as a financial advisor, he realized that most people don’t need a financial advisor to manage their investments but actually need help with their everyday financial lives.

Our vision is to help as many people as possible get out of debt, build wealth and feel confident about their financial position.

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What's the difference between myfinancialpal and a financial advisor?

Financial advisors primarily manage their clients investment portfolios and charge high fees to do so. They also have high minimums, which makes getting access to their services unattainable for many. In addition to investment management they help with retirement and financial planning.

Myfinancialpal does not provide investment advice but was created to help with peoples everyday financial lives. Things like creating a plan to pay off debt, build savings, find the right credit card, take advantage of credit card points, set up the right accounts and overall establish a foundation to build towards financial freedom.

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Is myfinancialpal right for me?

Myfinancialpal is accessible and affordable expert financial advice. Whatever your current situation is or whatever your needs might be we are confident we can help. Even if you are just wanting an expert to review your financial position to get the peace of mind you're doing everything you should be.

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What are myfinancialpal's qualifications?

The founder, Zane Schumacher, graduated with a B.B.A in Finance then spent 4 years at Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor. During his time at Merrill, he completed years of extensive investment training to help others with their financial lives. He acquired many licenses including the series 7, series 66, health & life insurance, etc, which gave him the ability to provide investment and financial planning advice. Zane is no longer a licensed, practicing financial advisor but has years of experience and knowledge to work with you to improve your financial life.

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How does a live session work? - Collaborative Plan

Schedule a time that works for you and complete the pre meeting worksheet. During the meeting you and your financial pal will work together to evaluate your current financial position, create a plan to accomplish your financial goals, discuss each of your questions, get the right accounts set up and establish a strong financial foundation. The time is yours so let your financial pal know what you'd like to accomplish!

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How does an offline session work? - Basic Plan

If you prefer not to meet with your financial pal we created an offline plan. Complete the entire financial worksheet to give your financial pal as much info about you, your financial situation, your questions and what you're wanting to accomplish. They will then review everything and get back to you with recommendations, account suggestions, answers to your questions, next steps and more.

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Call us financial consultants, financial coaches or even financial trainers. We call ourselves financial pals and we’re here to help.

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